Wednesday's Inspiration - Green & Gold

We are always looking at different color palettes to draw from to create designs for our brides and potential brides.  Well after checking out some different sites, I came across this inspiration board from Martha Stewart Weddings and all I can say is......gorgeous.  This inspiration board is the perfect color combination for the summer.

From Top: Gold earrings, Martha Stewart Weddings; gold shoes by Gene Higa; gold dress, Martha Stewart Living; bride and bridesmaid dresses, Martha Stewart Weddings; green bouquet, Martha Stewart Weddings; gold handbags, Martha Stewart Weddings; candied apples, Martha Stewart Weddings; green calligraphy, Betsy Dunlap; green centerpiece, Martha Stewart Weddings; green shoes by Kirsten Ellis; mini gold cupcakes, Martha Stewart Weddings; green dinnerware, Martha Stewart Weddings.

5 Tips on Save The Date Etiquette

Today we will be giving you the 411 on Save the Dates.  We get alot of brides who inquire about if you still need to send out your invitations 6-8 weeks prior and what do you include on them.  Well here are the top 5 tips:

above Save the Dates from Marit Hanson Weddings

1. Save the dates can come in the form of a postcard or an invitation-sized announcement. Save the dates simply lets guests know that you have set a wedding date well in advance so that they can....well, save the date. For destination events, we recommend mailing them out about 10-12 months in advance if possible. For in-town events, 6-8 months should suffice.

2. Many clients make their save the dates super fun and different from their more formal invitation. It's a time when you can have fun with it. Use a silly engagement shot and ham it up.

3. If you have a wedding website, it is acceptable to put your link on the save the date. This should be how your guests are privvy to lodging information and other wedding details and updates that you will not include on your invitation or insert (like registry information).

4. You do not need to address Save the Dates formally and send one to each and every invited guest. You can keep these simple. There's no need to formally address and mail one to each invited guest. Rather, mail one to each household or family as opposed to each member of the Smith family who might be invited but not live at home.

5. If a guest indicates they can't attend after receiving their save the date, you should still send them an invitation. Since the Save the Date is not a formal invitation, you will need to send a formal invitation to each and every guest whom you'd like to attend {even if they have casually mentioned they might not be able to make it}.

There's a New Style Wedding Garter Collection for Today's Bride

Have you heard the news? The lovely Julianne Smith has recently launched her 2010 collection of stylish wedding garters for her company The Garter Girl. In Julianne's own words, the "new stylish wedding garter collection is fun, it is fresh and most of all, it is super stylish!" And, to go along with the new collection, be sure to check out Julianne's brand new web site that is chock full of beautiful photographs showcasing her lovely handmade garters. On Julianna's web site, you will find garters that are traditional, modern, eco-friendly, something blue, couture and custom - making it easy for the bride to find the right garter for her. And, now for some photos of the amazing garters Julianne handcrafts.



And, to finish off the mini showcase of the many fabulous garters Julianne has created.....I just love Julianne's last line on the about page of her site, "The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith is about making wedding garters fun and bringing the tradition back...with a little style!" So perfectly said.

 Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Hot Trends 2010 - Bouquets & Bird Cage Veil

We’re going RETRO for our next set of wedding trends being featured today and tomorrow! These trends were definitely hot “to dos” some time ago…now they are back and better than ever! Today we’ll start with two that are most relevant to the wedding ceremony.

# 1 Bouquets Wrapped in Lace or Patterned Fabric

Adding a twist of sophistication to the typical satin wrapped bouquet, brides are opting for more texture and dimension to their personal flowers. Classic lace adds a touch of vintage elegance that is different unexpected.

 #2 Bird Cage Veil
Going hand and hand with the return of the Vintage style wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, the bird cage veil has also gained popularity in recent months. Class and timeless beauty are two adjectives typically synonymous with the look brides achieve with this choice of veil. I found a couple veils I wanted to feature today offering a variety of couture birdcage veils.

The Romantic Clutch

I was searching for some great ideas for one of my brides and came across these beautiful bridal clutches for brides and bridesmaids.  They are so vintage and chic, I love these clutches for weddings.  Every girl loves a fabulous clutch in their collection, but these are great gifts for the bride to give to her bridemaids.  Check out some of the ones I found on Etsy, they are fabulous bags for the bride and her bridal party.  Your bridesmaids can also use the clutch to carry their flowers instead of a tradtional bouquet.

Enjoy ladies!

Hot Trends in 2010 - Bright Colors & Disc Jockey

Bright Colors...number one

I’m sure in years past you have been to many, many weddings where the color palette consists of pastels and/or chocolate brown. Although those shades were the trend of that time, the new decade has ushered in bold brand new color trends that will satisfy the couture to the classic and the modern to the traditional brides.

Bright colors are here to make a bold statement! Your guests will take note of your sense of style which is associated with your hue on choice. With a bold color selection, guests will have no option but to correlate the passion you have for your hubby with the passion behind the color. Shades such as fire red, tangerine, turquoise, and fuchsia will definitely set your wedding apart!

Disc Jockey…number two

To cap the evening off, a lot of couples are electing to add another dimension and added vibe to their reception by offering an after party featuring a second DJ! Often this DJ is more popular in the club scene and can play some of those songs that your friends can enjoy after most of the older guest bid ado. One of our favorite DJs is DJ Hi-Def, has been known to have guests begging for more when most receptions typically wind down. Adding to the “party” atmostphere, consider a DJ who can bring out the mixers and who is familiar with the popular songs current on your favorite radio station. Your guests will be so impressed with the impromtu change in DJs and atmosphere, you’ll have to turn the lights on just to get them to leave!

Inspiration for a Vintage Themed Wedding

We are always looking for great ideas and designs when it comes to our clients vision.  We're currently working with a bride who is perfect for this theme and here is some pictures that gives us some inspiration.  We love everything about this inspiration board, it screams our client.

Hot Trends in 2010 - The Mini Dress

To kick off the summer, we have decided to feature this year’s top wedding trends. Check daily for new trends that will assist you and making your wedding stylish and fabulous! We will cover almost every aspect of weddings from wardrobe to stationary without forgetting colors and entertainment. There’s no going wrong with these surefire HOT trends!


#1 The mini dress
The hot new look for the 2010 bride is strutting the mini-dress! These shorter versions of a traditional bridal gown are fun and appropriate for many wedding styles. Whether you are having a modern, funky ceremony and reception or celebrating your nuptials with a vintage flair, these dresses will set the tone. As well, if you are getting married in a cathedral or wanting to stick to a more traditional ceremony, show your daring side with a cute mini-dress during the reception!

Wedding Reception Lighting: An Essential Ingredient

After years of planning weddings and events, I have learned that nothing can make or break an event like lighting – yet many don’t give it a second thought. In my opinion, illumination is the single most transformative element in any space, and professional planners often encourage clients to set aside part of their budget for a lighting package. These days there are so many options, from the most basic to the most extravagant. We try to stress to our brides that you don’t need a big budget to create a fabulous wedding - and lighting is a perfect example of how that idea comes into play.

On a limited budget, you might use string lights or simple pinspots (small bright spotlights directed on the tables to highlight centerpieces). Paper lanterns and candles are also quite romantic and inexpensive. While they sound simple, in the hands of a talented designer these small elements can pack a lot of pow.  Brides can opt for a more exciting installation of colored washes or break-up patterns —stationary lights that are fitted with a gobo, a disk cut with a specific pattern that becomes the projection. This kind of lighting is set in an elevated position on freestanding trusses or metal columns that are provided and installed by the lighting company. Some venues have rigging points, allowing lighting vendors to hang lights without a truss.

While gorgeous, break-up projections don’t necessarily break the bank. If a couple wants to save money, a break-up over reception tables or a lounge or cocktail area will be less expensive than pinspotting each table because it involves many fewer fixtures. Less fixtures = less labor = less money.

At the end of the day, wedding lighting can truly set the entire tone of the event, and it should not be disregarded. As with any vendor, professional planners often stick with lighting designers that understand their vision and requirements, and brides can benefit greatly from that relationship. If you go it alone, take the lighting as seriously as you do your invitations, cake, attire, catering, and so forth. You will not regret it!

2010 Wedding Trends: 5 Vibrant Summer Wedding Color Combinations

With the resurgence of sunshine and warm days, summer is looming in the near future. And of course, that means summer weddings . . . and more appropriately, vibrant summer wedding colors! With the prospect of bare-shoulders and eye-catching hues, summer brings along with it a plethora of exciting options in wedding decorations, wedding fashion and other summer wedding style options fit for the season. The brilliant colors of blooming flowers, gorgeous sunsets, and relaxing seasides all provide heaps of inspiration and options for a fantastic wedding color scheme. Here, we've studied the Pantone Fashion Color Report and selected five of our favorite vibrant summer wedding color combinations for this 2010 summer wedding season.

1. Main Color: Pink Champagne (soft pink)

Complimentary Colors: Light gray and chocolate brown

While this color combination isn't seen all too often, the soft hues and dynamic statements of these contrasting colors work well together to create a unique and complementary feel. Pink roses in silver vases are an updated option for a classic bouquet and brown ribbons or napkins can create a retro-inspired tablescape. This summer wedding color combination is perfect for a quaint church fete with an outdoor reception, complete with a cute pink drink and lots of dancing!

2. Main Color: Deep Navy

Complimentary Colors: Aurora Yellow and Aquarium Blue

In a strictly nautical theme, these summer wedding colors are a omnipresent force in the color scheme for this season and are a great option for a beach-themed wedding, whether on or off the sand. These colors scream summer with a classic feel and are an adorable option for bridesmaid's (sun)dresses and wedding accessories that will never go out of style. There are tons of resources from which to draw inspiration to create a great wedding with this color scheme. From sailboats to sandals and seagulls to seashells, summer favorites abound.

3. Main Color: Gold

Complimentary Colors: Pink Champagne and Fusion Coral

Taking inspiration from watercolor sunsets and glittery champagne, this color combination can be a truly magnificent and elegant option for an outdoor wedding at dusk. With fireflies, floating lanterns, and twirling dresses, this selection evokes a romantic, almost Shakespearean-like feel. A wedding by these colors, nothing could ever be as sweet!

4. Main Color: Deep Violet (Indigo)

Complimentary Colors: Navy and Fuchsia

Make your wedding unforgettable with the boldest shades of summer. A cathedral wedding laden with heaps of cosmos flowers, irises, and star gazer lilies is a veritable fairy tale haven for romance. These shades are the perfect option for making statement bouquets and incorporating pops of color in a tasteful manner, such as with wedding decorations /accessories like a cute ballet flat or unexpected invitations.

5. Main Color: Turquoise

Complimentary Colors: Tuscany Beige and Marigold Yellow

Of course, the opulence of summer's sunsets and greenery are perfect inspiration for an outdoor garden wedding. These summer wedding colors emulate the impression of the illuminating sun and can create an inviting, cheery, and carefree atmosphere. Consider the use of depression glass, ribbons, or parasols to create a Gatsby-like garden party feel. Pinwheels and bold, statement jewelry are great wedding accessory options and are also a fun way to incorporate the elements of summer.

Article courtesy of Perfect Wedding Guide.

The Wedding Industry's First Charity

The Wedding Industry now has its very own charity, Wish Upon A Wedding, which grants wedding wishes all across America.  As the World’s first nonprofit wedding wish granting organization, Wish Upon a Wedding provides weddings at destinations across the United States for individuals facing life-threatening illness. It is a chance for couples to enjoy a very special day, without any thoughts of existing health issues, while surrounded by their closest family and friends.

By celebrating the courage & spirit of these couples, they help create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come. It is their hope that others facing similar situations will find hope, strength, and the promise of eternal love.

Officially launched in January of 2010, Wish Upon a Wedding currently has 15 chapters to serve Wish Applicants. They service couples residing in or wishing to get married within 300 miles of any one of their chapter locations. Now on to the great news, Wish Upon A Wedding now has a chapter right in Washington, DC.  The DC Chapter will represent DC, MD and VA. 

Wish Upon A Wedding DC will be hosting an ultra chic cocktail party on June 27, 2010 from 3pm-6pm at the 201 Lounge in DC.  Please join us as we come together for a worthy cause and celebrate the launch of the DC Chapter.  If interested please RSVP at and for more information on Wish Upon A Wedding, go to

Truly Inspired

After meeting with clients we love to create inspiration boards to assist in bringing the vision to reality.  We met with a fabulous couple and here is what we came up with after meeting with them.  You never know what direction we're going in, but this is what we came up with.