Introducing....Danielle Lewis Beauty Lip Lustre Collection

Let's kickoff the first day of fall with one of my favorite artist, Danielle Lewis of Danielle Lewis Beauty...Danielle is such a talented lady.  I've had the pleasure of working with her with my brides, my bridal fashion event this past January and she's also done my makeup as well.  Danielle specializes in bridal, runway, editorial & fashion makeup.

Danielle officially launched her Lip Lustre Line earlier this month.  The line includes highly pigmented & long wearing shades from gorgeous nudes, to bright berries.  There are 12 Lip Lustre Colors - Kendall, Krystal, Logan, Sydney, Robin, Exposed, Melrose, Marley, Charlie, Drew, Harper and SuperGeorge.

For more information or to purchase from this collection, you can go to or to book Danielle for your upcoming wedding or special event...visit  Trust me you will not be disappointed in her services, she is wicked with a makeup brush and some paint.

Its All About Location, Location, Location...

When looking for the perfect location for your wedding, there are 7 key factors to consider.

1. Is it big enough?  Can the venue accommodate the number of guests you are expecting?  Or are you going to have to squeeze everyone into this space?  Don't be afraid to pick a smaller venue for fear that your guest list may grow.  If your numbers go up, keep the space & ask for smaller tables.

2. Do you love the look and atmosphere?  If there are too many aspects that you want to change about the venue because of the carpeting, or dated decor, then this might not be the best choice for your wedding.  If you're talking yourself into a venue, it's probably not a good "fit" for your personal style.

3. Is there ample parking or transportation options?  If the place is perfect otherwise, but your guests cannot easily get into your venue, this could be a huge problem!  Some venues overcome their potential parking issues by having creative transportation services.  Explore these options and ask questions to find out if this works for you and your guests.

4. What are the total charges you should expect?  Is everything in black and white, written out on your contract in front of you?  Or, do you need to read between the lines?  When in doubt, ASK.  I would like to know all the potential charges to expect, or even better...ask for past wedding invoices that reflect similar services that you want.  They can "black out" the clients personal information and just give you the numbers.  This will give you a VERY good indication of what to expect.

5. Are they giving you enough time for setup and breakdown for your wedding?  If a venue only gives you 5 hours total for your wedding, that's not nearly enough time.  Don't just consider the amount of time needed for your party.  Also include the amount of time needed for setup (usually 2 hours or more depending on your wishes on either side of the event is needed).

6. Are you allowed to bring in your own caterer, or do they have someone in-house?  Is alcohol purchased through the facility and served by their staff, or can you purchase the alcohol and have them serve this?  All of these answers will determine the price tag for your wedding, PLUS you want to make sure that you love the in-house company's products and services!  Know all of their policies.

7. If you are considering an outdoor ceremony or reception, does this facility offer "Plan B" options?  You definitely cannot control the weather leading up to or on your wedding day, so it's imperative to have contingency plans in place.  Some facilities do not offer this at all, so it's best to know now than to have a surprise the week of your wedding.  Don't assume anything!

For Men Only - Cigars and Cufflinks Coming Soon!

As engagement season quickly approaches there will be bridal events popping up all over town and of course brides-to-be will be flocking to its doors.  As a wedding planner, I am noticing that grooms are now more involved in the planning process, so this event seems appropriate to have an event just for him and his boys.  This upcoming wedding event is a little different from all the rest...NO GIRLS ALLOWED. 

Join Events of Sophistication and a host of wedding vendors
on October 6, 2011 at 5:30pm for...


Brides tell your husband-to-be to round up his boys and enjoy a Boys' Night Out!  Ticket price includes cigars, hors d' oeuvres, cocktails, raffle, entertainment & swag bags.  Pre-Registration is required, visit Events of Sophistication for more information and to purchase tickets.

A Behind the Scenes Fashion Look - Munaluchi Bridal

I wanted to give all of you a sneek peek at the behind the scenes shoot of the fall cover of Munaluchi Bridal which features a stunning bridal gown made of flowers created by none other than celebrity designer Preston Bailey.  His work is simply amazing, I mean who in the wedding industry doesn't love his work?  Check it out!

I can't wait to pick up my copy of this amazing magazine!