What Grooms Should Do For Weddings

We're always talking about things that appeal to the bride, today we're switching it up and focusing on the groom.  The wedding is a really big deal for both man and woman. Today we're giving you some helpful tips for the groom so you don’t face the wedding pressure and to make your wedding go smooth.

The most important thing for you is to understand your fiancée, as she's thought about this dream wedding since she was little girl. Every girl dreams about their wedding and playing “dress up” bride when they were little. Now as you can understand that you are the man of that dream. You will also notice lots of changes in her. She will be pumped up and worried about lots of things such as, how would she look, will the guests have good time, would anyone like her idea and things like that.

You’re Options
As it is you’re wedding too, you should have some opinions and options. You can give some ideas about flowers, food, photos and things like that. You don’t have to be expert at china patterns and flowers for this but it is wise to share your ideas. It will also make your fiancée think that she is not alone doing everything and you also care about the wedding.

Brides always talks about the wedding
As I stated earlier, a women has always dreamed about her wedding since she was a little girl. So, your fiancée will be talking about the wedding all the time. Listen to her, help her out. Throw some of your ideas too and if you don’t understand what she's talking about, then ask her to explain. She would be happy to do that. Let her know that you are also excited about the wedding too.

Give her timeout
If she is doing all the major work and planning for the wedding, then give her a break. Too much pressure may cause her illness. You definately don’t want to see her looking sickish while she is walking down the aisle. Cook her dinner, do the dishes, rent her favorite movie. Do anything to please her and give her a good time.

The questions

Okay, now your fiancée may come up to you and ask you questions like “what wedding theme would you like?”, “what colors should the flowers be?”, “what type of music should be played during dinner?” and things like that. Don’t be afraid of these kinds of questions and don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answer. Ask her and she will be happy to explain it to you.

Take some responsibility
You will find that your fiancée is working really hard and making plans about the wedding. And your mom will probably call her every hour and talk about the wedding too. Try to fit in the conversation and planning with mom and fiancée. Tell your mom that, it’s your wedding too and you do want to make some suggestions.

Believe it or not but both your parents and your fiancée’s parents can be a disaster at the wedding. But there is no denying that these guys raised and cared for you. But the wedding is completely yours and you don’t want it messed up. You can take some of there ideas if you like. Pick your arguments very carefully and make sure your arguments don’t collide with others.

Get some re-enforcement
Weddings is a kind of arrangement where you will discover your finances will hit the wall. Planning the wedding is really hard and you and your bride will both face the problem with time and money. The best suggestion is to hire a consultant who will plan every little detail that you and your bride both probably missed.

The best thing is to have fun and make sure things goes well. Stick to the plan and give the bride support, things should go well.

Happy Planning!!!!